Our points of expertise


With over 10 years of experience on diverse Web Scraping projects for different industries and business, from small to huge companies, Mercurio is your choice for developing your business and automating your processes.

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Web Development

Mercurio's team is permanently updating existing projects and implementing the newest technologies available. Java, Javascript, react, angular, node, vue, nest... these are some of our main frameworks and languages which we deal with on a daily basis.

Big Data

The scraping algorithms collects tons of data which is later processed, transformed, and analyzed to finally deliver valuable information to our clients to further optimize different internal processes and improve the decision making.

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We craft marketing & digital products that grow businesses.

Mercurio's team has developed over 15 different projects, in Uruguay, Brazil and the United States, from small startups to huge companies with over 1,500 employees. We build scraping and web projects, we automate internal processes, and we would love to listen to your problems so we can find a solution together.


Nicolas Guffanti


Javier Rinaldi

Technical Expertise:

Scraping, Web Development, Big Data, Automation, AI