Big Data is data of great complexity, which arrives in increasing volumes and, in addition, at an increasing speed of growth. That is why the capture, management, processing, transformation and analysis using conventional tools becomes a difficult task, and it can take a very long time.

Well managed and applied Big Data plays a very important and useful role for many companies, it can provide answers to questions that not even the companies themselves knew about. It provides a starting point and reference for making decisions and automating the internal processes of each company. Having a large volume of data, these can be transformed and analyzed in various ways, to identify solutions to your problems in a much more understandable and faster way.

At Mercurio, we work daily with large amounts of information and data extracted from various sources, allowing our clients to move efficiently, anticipating competition, detecting trends, improving management in social networks and various other applications that the Mercurio team develops day a day.

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