Why you should use price analysis data

Knowing where you are compared to your competitors can help you further improve your strategy. Using the data received, you will have the opportunity to track competitors' out-of-stocks, promotions and product categories, and prices.

Recognizing when to change costs to provide more competitive prices or obtain higher profits can make a huge difference. You will have the opportunity to choose increasingly powerful and beneficial pricing options while negotiating better deals with suppliers. You can do this by understanding the latest price trends.

Knowing the minimum and maximum prices of the products in the market will provide you with important insights about your price elasticity. You will also be able to discover more opportunities and threats lurking in the market. If you intend to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to stay consistent with the latest prices.

What you will gain

Make sure you’re always ahead of the competition
Our engine will automatically give price recommendations based on competitors to ensure that your prices correspond to competitors. Specify pricing rules and let us handle it!

Save yourself time for important decision-making
Our pricing software can save several hours a day, allowing you and your team to focus on important business decisions. Now automate to increase efficiency and increase profitability. Mercurio Price allows you to understand how your pricing strategy positions each of your brands and categories from a global perspective, thereby providing true business intelligence as a basis for decision-making. Our solution enables you to extract relevant information from the millions of “price points” captured daily for more detailed research, so that you can understand how the market is developing and its current positioning.

You will be able to identify rising and falling price trends in the market.

Offer the right price at the right time
In an environment where customers are looking for speed and can provide numerous quotations, not providing strict prices may mean being eliminated. If our prices are inconsistent, all our investments in marketing, content and advertising may be ineffective: your offer is not a wise consumer's choice, and they will compare it before buying. Mercurio Price allows you to automatically adjust the price of each product so that they are never too cheap or too expensive.

Define your strategy based on business rules
The repricing system will analyze competitors’ daily prices and availability, and then execute business rules that have been programmed to follow to determine the final sales price. In this way, the price of each product will reach the price you manually calculate, but it has the advantages of automation and supervision of the fail-safe system. Extensive business rules will enable you to transform the company's pricing strategy into a simple level of operation. Among other variables, you will be able to define which products and under what circumstances approve price changes.

Main Uses

Mercurio Price is being used for different scenarios, according to what each customer needs.

Internal Analysis

This will help analyze the past of pricing and marketing strategies. In addition to product rotation and brand value, price tracking can certainly help formulate effective pricing strategies and maximize profits.

Analyzing Market Competition

Many e-commerce experts and marketing strategy managers say that competitive price analysis provides companies with valuable information regarding the Market. Product cost checking and analysis is an important process in marketing strategy

MSRP Monitoring

Retailers do not always use recommended selling prices, which is why monitoring retailers can make a difference for manufacturers. Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) monitoring has become a key step for manufacturers to realize and analyze information related to their product prices. Although MSRP surveillance is vital, many manufacturers still fail to realize the importance or means of monitoring.

Price Violations

Producers themselves can also use Mercurio Price, they will be able to monitor each of their sellers. We will daily provide information regarding each of the selected products and prices on different sellers, to rapidly detect price violations, if there are any.

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