Web Scraping is an automated web data collection technique, also known as Web Crawling or Web Data Extraction.

This technique has as its main actor a software that, through the application of artificial intelligence, manages to navigate any website looking for and extracting the desired content, this actor is usually called a bot, spider or crawler, which emulates the action of a person when browsing each website.

Today, with high competition in all sectors, companies seek different ways to innovate and use new technologies with the aim of optimizing processes, improving decision-making and achieving competitive advantages in the market. Web Scraping allows you to massively extract and manage information from any website; portals, e-commerce, news, forums, etc.

We have more than 10 years of experience in these techniques and in various programming languages ​​and technologies, which allowed us to develop different services using these technologies, such as price analysis and intelligence, monitoring and management of social networks, research of market, lead generation, content analysis, sentimental analysis, among others.

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