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We are web scraping experts, with over 10 years of Scraping, Web Development, Big Data, DW and AI experience.


Find the delivery service that best suit your interests.

One-Time Data Set

For a one-time data delivery.

Data Subscription

For Daily, Weekly or Monthly data deliveries.

Custom made solutions

For specific data extraction requirements.


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Price Analysis

Stay on top of the competition movement and improve your positioning and profit.

Social Network Monitoring

Monitor influencers, campaigns, competitors and interactions to grow your prescence.

News and Content Analysis

With our AI System you can analyize news, posts, comments or any other content.

Market Research

Closely follow and analyze the market to make valuable and profitable decisions.

Lead Generation

With our data you can create lists to increase your profits and build smart leads.

Brand Monitoring

Protect your Brand reputation and agreements with our data monitoring.